Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Discovering My New Home On 49 Acres.

The time is coming close where I will move onto the land. Many visits, although short in time, has made me eager to permanently relocate myself in a farming and rolling hill region. And with summer nearing I do not want to miss the unveiling of plant and animal species ,as anxious as I to come out from the long winter. Throw in the fact that the house has been late to complete and the few years we owned the land , only once able to climb the hill to the top because of high hay; I am more than ready to experience dawn and dusk at our land.
With camera in hand on each trip I photographed the house construction noting stages and progress. Now I wish to turn the lens and my hand to discovering what else lives and moves about on the 49 acres. Up to now the builders have had the pleasure to view the regular appearance of about 6 deer in a herd on their daily crossing. They have seen a red tail hawk that appears to be a regular resident as well the eagle I did have a chance to watch overhead at one visit. Then there have been pheasant and quail running through the field and bordering woods. I feel that I am missing out but hope they all put on a show for me once I arrive. 
Are these populars? Next project!
I will search for a book with pictures and detail on the indigenous plant and wildlife of the area, so that I can learn what grows and lives there. Then if adding to the species is necessary I will follow protocol on what should inhabit the area. With solar energy and heat pumps bringing us into a greener era of our life, we should also respect what would be the proper species and get to recognize what and why they are abundant. 
Watching the weather patterns as well will be a new subject to study, just as the farmer that mowed his fields must have participated. Our neighbour whom will grade our soil and clear our long drive, says he knows how the snow lays and drifts so can drain the area around the house when completed. I didn’t realize the science involved in grading the lawn area for maximum drainage. Most of our neighbours are long time residents and know the area as well as all who live there. There is a wealth of information I have already been privilege to with this chap. Although there is new construction with a few neighbours ,so that we aren’t the only newbies on the land, it is prudent as the new residents, to watch and learn the habits and ways of our neighbours. Two already have used the back acreage for snowmobiling for years so that will go on uninhibited. Apparently with their ownership of trail comes a protective nature and was told they would disperse anyone nosing around while we aren’t there.  A benefit for sure for us in exchange of tolerating the movement of machines and with so much space, there isn’t a problem with sharing.
We have even given up the idea of removing the two old vehicles collapsed and rusting in the woods where they were dumped many years ago. It was my first thought to have them removed. but as no one sees value in the process of removal, and the costs looking dear, maybe just leaving them to the elements and the curiosity of visitors, is the way to go for now. So long as they don’t represent a danger, especially to our eight year old grandson, the woods will continue to encapsulate them. And he can use his imagination with the vehicles. This is something we can take our time to revisit. Already I seem to be moving into rural or country mode.
OLd Ford becoming part of landscape
So while I wait to get my camera and canvasses and paints out on the land and the area, I envision the possibilities ahead to a new adventure and life style. I will continue to record my discoveries and art works once I get to the land and my new home.


  1. Hi Carol I got here easily from your link on your Facebook post. I have been blogging in blogger for a few years, I have 3 blogs but my art blog is Take a look and if you have any questions about blogger or blogging, please feel free to shoot me a message on FB or through the blog. Looking forward to reading and seeing more about your land. Sounds exciting!

  2. Oh so sorry, I meant Carolyn! I know a lot of Carols and had the name stuck in my head.