Sunday, 29 July 2012

Walking the Land

With the hay now bush hogged and cut to some tree lines, my husband and I decided to explore the area and started out with great purpose. He did bring along a stick from the garage and I had my camera in hand. The day before in the evening we saw two coyotes slinking through the rise a little ways out where the deer regularly cross from the tree line to the larger woods. One was a darker grey brown and in the lead. The second was a lighter shade grey and halted momentarily when one of us spoke. We had the window opened and it was calm. He stared and then bolted for the woods. It all happened so fast that going for my camera was useless. It was exciting but also worrisome. 
As we headed out I thought that having a Nikon was a good choice after all. With the steel body it may add weight on a trek, but with the strap would make a hefty weapon if needed. We walked down on the cut area not seeing much action anywhere and entered the tall hay and ragweed wall. It was well up to my head. The farmer hadn’t quite cut to the woods edge as I had hoped. We waded through the weeds stepping down on hefty thorny stalks until we met the tree line. We were dismayed to see the branches and the growth in there. A machete would have been handy. It was another wall of small trees and still the weeds between them. When we emerged on the other side, we were met with another yellow wall of ragweed to counter. We did find a deer path soon and even saw areas where they rested and it was a relief to step into an open area even that small. We decided to head back through some more trees attempting to come out at the creek edge and from there to the driveway. 
As we moved forward, we flushed out three pheasants or partridge. I didn’t see which species; it was such a sudden flurry and flight. We fought the high grasses again and were disappointed that the creek edge was dry from the hot weather and fairly grown over with alders as well. So I suggested we head for the road. I could see the sweat areas on my husbands shirt and I was very hot by then and getting tired. We didn’t think to bring water on what was to be a stroll to the woods. When we emerged onto the drive, he was still determined to find an entrance to some woods so we headed to the back woods where we have been before. It is easier to access and he wanted to find the lot marker there. Once into the woods I found it not so easy as it was in the fall that we had entered before and walked  through the trees. It had flourished with new growth and was a tighter fit to get about. He found the marker and the red ties and placed them on a tree branch above so that it would be easily seen next time. I didn’t get much to photograph on this excursion except for ourselves, a lovely Queen Anne's Lace plant, a butterfly and weeds. My battery ran out as we discovered apple trees and a refreshing shaded, sunlit spotted path through some trees. Note to myself to be sure the battery is charged and to buy a back up next trip into town.
Not discouraged form our attempt to gain access to the rest of our land, we will prepare better and attempt another foray into the jungle known as the other half, again very soon.

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