Friday, 14 December 2012

Decembers Celebration Preparations

The snow has fallen twice now. However it was just a powder covering that lasted a day or two on the deck. The snow on the fields disappeared fairly quick as the temperatures still variate at this time. We did have several mornings of frost however, which I enjoy because I don’t have to be concerned with driving. I’m sure my daughter who leaves in the dark to work would disagree with me. However what I don’t enjoy this time of year is the cold rain that still falls and the darkened sky in the afternoon bringing the day to an early end. Once the snow covers the ground in a more permanent blanket the white reflection will lighten the day making it longer. Then I can enjoy watching my grandson play in the snow and walk the fields and woods in white steps. I’m considering snow shoes this winter as an efficient investment. The walking may be easier through the fields to the tree line.

3 birds in flight
We did get out to the woods a few weeks ago to cut some boughs for the decorations on the deck. With the leaves gone from the trees the sun sent beams of light down through the limbs throwing lights and shadows on the tapestry floor. It made it a magical place and I was awe struck in the realization this land was ours. These trees which I looked up to the sky to view their tops were now ours. I used the excursion as a photo shoot and got some beautiful results that are more the result of the day and the subject matter than my skill as a photographer. One of the pictures I am using as a card motif. A few others would make great black and while photo illustrations. They are also a great memory for us later.

The deer are back and looking large and relaxed in our fields. I can’t believe the size those pheasants have bulged to and are regular visitors daily now. I’m waiting to see them burst at some point of expansion. The feeders are busy now as the weather changed and food sources are scarcer. The black capped chickadees lack any fear of us and we can get within feet of them while they continue their feedings. They come back and forth to the feeder rather than remain and feed continuously. Watching them dip and dive on their route with camera in hand becomes a test to catch them in flight. The hawk has returned after an absence of time. There is such a choice of so many fields for it to hunt in; it isn’t attached to one area. I enjoy seeing him hunt because I know there are mice in these former hay fields and am glad to see the hawk clean them out. It is also enjoyable to watch those huge wings spreading and floating and cornering in the air just above the ground as it tracks its prey.

The skies are a great delight to us as well. We have open area and a full view of starry nights as well as sunsets and sun rises that catch our breathe. But even more astonishing is the varied cloud formations in the wide sky here. The other day I saw the exact sky I had envisioned for my “woman on the horse” painting and hurried to get my camera knowing the clouds were moving fast and would change drastically if I waited. I did catch the formations I wanted before they adjusted to an entirely new cloud scape.

Look to the light
light in the trees
I await the snow fall now as my next experience with a new winter season spent in the new house. I am hoping as much as my grandson for deep fall. He will experience a long steep run from the house to the lower field.I hope to experience walking above the snow about the fields and into the woods again. I also hope to catch the West River again in paint showing its new seasonal cloak of winter.

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  1. Carolyn, I love your wonderful description and love for the land. The pictures are stunning! One small request if you don't mind. Could you make the font a bit larger and maybe add a bit if space between the lines? It would make it easier to read. I hope you don't mind my request. I do enjoy reading and seeing your land through your eyes.