Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Spring Explosion

A lovely start to the weather promised a great summer ahead. The forecast changed as rain came in for enough days, that people were commenting on whatever had happened to summer. It was a great beginning for plants though as the rain helped everything green flourish. Unfortunately living in 49 acres of hay, the result is being swallowed up by the height of the hay along our drive and surrounding acreage. We did do a cut around the house giving us some space and a path to the garden. The garden was enlarged this year set on the success on the last year’s crop. Alas it has been taken down by a cucumber bug and with help of a few chemicals, reluctantly applied, we shall have to restart the garden. It is some relief knowing we are not alone and others in the area have the same pests attacking their gardens. 

I did plant some more flowers and my daughter planted many bulbs. So here is hoping that they will add colour in all the green. The next item on the grooming of our home will be the bush hogging. We are trying to hold off as it is an expensive operation and required twice a year. It really is starting to become claustrophobic with the hay and time to bring in the farmer for space to breathe and roam again. Others insects seem to be flourishing as well. Carpenter ants are over embellished in numbers this season. We watch to be sure we don't bring them indoors. It would seem this season the live stock is that of insects instead of our former creatures. Once the hay is cut, I hope to see more of the deer and other animals. We know now we do have a skunk and a porcupine having seen them earlier in season but not lately. We suspect we did have an unseen visit by a bear. 

We did take a walk to the far side of the acreage before the hay grew and found our lot pins. There is a gorgeous path in the woods aligning our lot to two neighbours. the path leads deep into the woods and makes for a wonderful exploratory stroll. We plan to visit again. I did take some photos of the wood walk.

For myself, I am getting established in the area with new friends and contacts in the arts. It has made for a very busy season. My spouse has been on a lay back vacation with small jobs and distractions. He is now warming up to attack the basement conversion with the drywall and flooring. He is also becoming engaged in getting the bronze casting equipment tuned up for a new summer season. We wait anxiously for news of the sale of our house in our last home town. This will definitely cement the move here.

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