Saturday, 31 May 2014

9 Days and Counting

9 Days and Counting

lobster boats in
Sitting out on my deck yesterday was a treat that I’ve been looking forward to all winter long, as well as  through the wet spring. Finally the sun and warmth is here. The garden and flowering plants are late though because of the unusual cold and wet we’ve been having. There isn’t time left for me to do the gardening that I look forward to at this time. I’m not sure if the rain has delayed my flowers and bulbs or the are just not ready. Therefore I have to wait longer to see if some of my planting will be redone. I did have my seasonal lobster feed already, thanks to my daughter.

I only have 9 days left for any work and then I am in surgery for a full double mastectomy. It’ll be weeks after before I can do much physical activity. The first two weeks I can’t even make the bed. I can’t paint. I could do some light drawing if paper is in my lap and my arm isn’t held upward. I can get my coffee or even try washing a few dishes. This activity helps my arm movement. Other than the exercises I will be doing I will be sitting a lot. I can walk a little ways in the second week so will enjoy getting out and about. I am so happy that the weather appears to be good this week before I go into hospital for about four  days and hope that it continues to shine on my return home. I’m counting on sitting on the deck, watching the family work, the birds fly, and any animal visitors. My artists colleagues promise to visit so I can look forward to keeping in touch with happenings in the area. 

horses in the field
It’ll be a long slow summer for me, not only for the surgery and getting my full range of movement back, but as of yet I don’t know if I shall be experiencing chemo or radiation. This could lead into the autumn. I do have my art work at a point that I can leave it until I’m back. I have some computer activities to do and to learn.  Mostly I will enjoy my place and recuperating in the prettiest area around.

Had my lobster feed

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  1. Best of luck to you, Carolyn. It is quite the journey ahead of you. Thanks for wanting to share it with us. I certainly feel for you and am hoping for the best. Perhaps this hiatus from your artistic activity will bring you new insight & vigor. It will certainly give others insight into the trials & tribs of a double mastectomy! You seem to have a good attitude moving forward into this, and that is half the battle, maybe more.