Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Summer's Ending with Fulfilment

Painting of Sunflowers
This summer of 2015 was especially important for me after the last year's illness finally ended in spring, followed with 3 months of physiotherapy. My goal was to throw myself into my art, catching up with projects left undone, and thoroughly enjoy the summer weather escaping outdoors often. My goal was more than met, with many art projects on the tables and some plein air outings with a friend. The weather cooperated to give me a marvellous feeling of freedom after almost a year indoors ,long-fully looking out.

I planted a new flower garden after the ravages of the winter on the former bed. This was the year of the hummingbirds with several at the feeder at a time and a constant return. The bird feeder for the other birds thanked us with some sunflowers popping up in a few places and the sky here was full of flight activity all summer. I have sat many days on the deck enjoying the land and view. We also got in miles of walks throughout the area for enjoyment and exercise that I needed to keep up from the end of my physiotherapy. My grandson and I found an entrance to the neighbours wild rose bushes and enjoyed the array of white flowers and the long awaited bluenose ship docked in our port. The road we lived on had an heritage house visit where we learned much about our adopted country home.

Entrance too Secret Garden of Roses
The beavers are still claiming ownership on the front acreage despite us trying to move them along. And the last resort is arriving soon to demolish the lodge and dam so we can reclaim the water covered field. Our hay is high as I have ever seen it, as promises from the farmer to cut it hasn't materialized.The weather has given the local farmers an abundance of produce growth and kept them busy, so we hope to see them in fall.

Now as school starts officially, if not weather wise, beginning the fall activities, I still see many opportunities for plein air trips, and walks and time to sit on the deck. The apple trees are full now ,that being a planned plein air event, and the flowers are still in bloom, so there is much time to enjoy the outdoors.This year Im excited to be able to enjoy the autumn colours once they begin and hopefully the winter isn't as wild as last year because I want to walk  in the snow and feel that freedom in our longest season.
Visit by the Bluenose
My Best Hummingbird Photo

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