Thursday, 14 November 2013

November Greys

With the colours of September and October finished, the grey period before the snows come is presently here. Fortunately I did get out for a plein air painting when a friend requested an old bird house picture to be painted. I just caught the last of any colours remaining. Now the cold has arrived and a few flakes have fallen to give us warning of what will come soon.

The Birdhouse-Vacancy
George's new tractor will be recruited for another job this winter. Blades and tire chains were purchased in preparation for my spouse to take on the long 1400 foot driveway. He enjoys running the tractor however this one is minus a cab so let's hope the thrill remains throughout the season of snow. We prepared for hunting season also with "No Hunting" signs on our many acres. I roam the area and with a youngster living here too , that is worry I can live without during this time of year. We enjoy the visits from our deer and are fond of watching them come and go. We did come across a few hunters stopped below admiring their trophy . And leaving here  the other day, a big stag came out in front of us on the road and then vanished into the brush on the ditch edge. They sure disappear quickly.

Last of Pumpkins
The garden is sitting vacant and a few deer have found some remnants left there from the summer harvest. Again we had too many pumpkins. I remarked that we should put a small stand at end of the drive next year. The rest of the garden was a success although my daughter did have to fight a scourge of cucumber bugs that required her to replant twice. Our hawks are still with us. And we were surprised to learn they are becoming rare sights in the area. Some of the strawberry farmers complained that the disappearing hawks, bats and a virus has been devastating the strawberry crops. They did look a little thin this year. The corn down the road also had patches in the fields. You learn a lot about your environment working a garden and listening to the local farmers. I'm glad we have our hawks working our fields but haven't seen any bats. The insects did seem to be more plentiful this summer.

We had a late start to pouring bronze for my sculpture this year. We managed three burns with the weather. Part of that delay was running into rain days. I shell my ceramic coats outdoors because of the mixing mess. Those days I couldn't shell or cast metal. Rain and molten metal do not mix. However we did get the furnaces started up and now know what needs to be tweaked for next spring. And I have the winter to prepare my sculpture pieces indoors. Hopefully we can catch a full season for my bronze art next year. I am in my studio often now. This is the season that I ramp up production for the summer. I have many projects to complete and a few new ones to get underway. Meanwhile I prepare for my favourite time of the year. The Christmas season alway fills me with joy. My cards are being prepared now for mailing soon. Yes, I'm one of those rare ones that still mails out Christmas cards and I enjoy receiving them even more.

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