Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas Snows

Snow on the solar
December brings me around to a new year to look forward and a past year to contemplate. It was a full and active year for my art and for the family. The garden brought us an abundance of produce. The hay brought us a tractor once the hay hit the 5 foot mark and we desperately wished to see in the distance. My spouse adjusted to the tractor quickly and is enjoying the machine. I am enjoying the vast horizon now.

With the snow upon us this month, the tractor has been equipped with blades to plow the long driveway. There hasn’t been enough snow for that job yet, but he has run the tractor down filling in some low spots with gravel and testing the width of the drive with his wheels. I made his trips out on the tractor more enjoyable with my gift of a garage door opener. Apparently once a farmer gets on the tractor, he wouldn’t want to get down too often especially in the cold snow. No worry though, we are back to doing our exercises on the gym equipment.

Our Tree
My daughter and my grandson enjoyed a child’s and an adult’s wish with a trip to Disney world. We enjoyed a week of quiet and  work without time issues. We also had our trip earlier in summer with our grandson and friends with their grandson. The trip was very successful in that plans are underway for a repeat excursion. 
Now that the Christmas tree is up and the festivities begun with seasonal events, we prepare to hunker down for the winter storms. We won’t avoid going out and enjoying the season and the white stuff. There is also work inside that will keep my spouse busy as he completes the basement walls, builds a requested trophy case for the grandson, and plenty of shelves for me.

Christmas Bulbs
But before the winter work begins, there are friends to visit this week and a few concerts to attend and feel the essence of the season. One of these concerts is my grandson’s class event. A children’s concert with all the old traditional carols and skits brings back the childlike glow of Christmas time. The other concert will be an adult choral group that I know will fill us with 

glee and awe. Our wishes go out to everyone for a safe, warm, and happy Christmas and winter season.

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