Friday, 17 January 2014

Snow, Snow and More Snow

The last two months has seen so much snow and cold temperatures, I long for the winter to end. This is not a normal wish from me as I do love this time of year. It slows life down and work increases, giving me a great sense of accomplishment. And indeed, I am progressing in my art works with great diligence and focus. But I do miss long walks and maybe a few photo shoots, and some plein air trips for painting.

It is a good thing that I have all my resource materials for my projects and now the time to get these works done. My spouse has gotten a good handle on that tractor. What a fabulous year for that purchase. It has been a life saver. He didn't realize he would grasp the concept of tractor skills so quickly. It’s certainly paying for itself.

I do feel for the deer though. They must be having a difficult time of it this winter. Viewing them has decreased albeit tracks in the morning are still sighted. The land just looks so still and frozen. People seem scarce as well. I guess they are all tucked into their warm homes too and reluctant to venture out. A thaw is in the forecast very soon, so we shall see if activity increases for wildlife and friends.

The West River that I wish to paint in winter season is piled up with great chunks of ice. I do see a small moving water way weaving down its middle trying to seek a path through the ice. I shall keep an eye out as the warm spell hits, because I would like to paint a thaw picture. 

Artist painting river
Meanwhile I will continue working away, knowing that this season eventually has to end, and I’II be ready to join life on the outside again.

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