Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Long Winter

more snow
The snows continue to blow and bring us an almost regular schedule of storms. A feeling of becoming trapped inside makes me want to get out to town on the good days even when I have no destination or errand. The fact there is nothing one can do in a storm situation, I am getting much work done this winter.

George is becoming an expert on the tractor plowing our driveway. He has no reservations even considering the high levels falling and obliterating the drive way. The tractor is certainly paying for itself the first year of ownership. I’m sure though that George would like to be doing something else with the time he puts in at 5:30 am getting the way out to the road cleared.

I have been missing the wild life views as well. The deep snow and storms must be keeping the critters within the woods. This week though, we are seeing the deer again and the hawks are back too. My grandson got some great shots of the hawk by chasing him down the road in the car driven by his mother. Either the hawk gave up and posed or was enjoying the game.

I got a shot from distance of the long huge wing spread of the eagle. So activity seems to be increasing as the weather settles going into early spring. It is to be hoped that the weather continues to be calm, but I expect a few more storms until we can welcome the new season. We comfort ourselves by booking our summer cottage for our friends and the grandsons we will be taking with us. It’s Prince Edward Island for us this year and an experience of a ferry ride for our grandson.

We are also expecting a visit from our son from Australia where he works;

it’s been a few years since we saw him, so we have that excitement to look forward to this summer. We also are receiving the bulb and seed catalogues and planning the garden by choosing our orders gives us hope the sun will be warming us again.Despite the long winter, we have much to look forward to for a full summer experience.  Whatever the next winter brings we will have great memories of the summer to carry us through that longer season.
the long drive
winter works

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