Thursday, 24 July 2014

Recuperating in Heavenly Bliss

My Healing chair
Healing from my surgery this month has given me plenty of time to take each day and enjoy the surroundings of our acreage we built on three years ago. With my strength limited and my arms needing caution to heal, my husband has taken on many of the projects plus my care during this period. We almost saw the land go back to the virgin fields as he tried to keep up with the growth that the early wet weather and the full sun temperatures brought this month. It is green and lush all around us and over the hills. The hay took off along with the weeds and clover , with my husband chasing behind on the tractor. He hasn’t quite caught up to the growth so we have just left some natural areas which the wild life and birds will savour. A few of my flowering plants will be lost to the weeds with my inabilities to tend to them. He has made a good attempt to save some of them. Plans are now being thought to begin again next year with greater ideas and numbers.

My daughter’s garden also fell back with the onslaught of a bug that attacked last year. She got control of it then, but may not recoup that part of the garden this season. She is not the only gardener to suffer lost here from that bug. We will have some vegetables though and will attack the garden preparations next year as well. There is always next year and with next year, greater plans are made.The weather this month has been fabulous and a boon to me for sitting out on my deck and recuperating.
Walking for Health

The deer, plentiful in the area, hasn’t visited our fields as much this season but I expect them back in the fall. We have a busy porcupine behind the garage area which waddles out in the early evening and we watch for a skunk that got a little to handy under our deck. He hasn't returned but I cautiously step out in the evening with some noise to urge him away. Meanwhile we watched a raccoon take down the bird feeder and damage it beyond repair. He had climbed the pole and was hanging off of it attempting to get into the seed. I think he was back for the com poster recently and before that a bear was spotted in our driveway. He made quite the mess in a full com poster bin.
High Hay

The neighbour has some apple trees and wild roses growing on her property. She told us she cleared a path from our line into her gardens so that I could walk and enjoy her area. This kindness has me looking forward to the venture as soon as my husband attaches the bush hog back on the tractor. He hadn’t cleared our side to her path yet and I’m not prepared to navigate the six foot high hay. When he clears I will enjoy the walk and my daughter will enjoy collecting the apples this fall. I will also enjoy some plein air around the property when my strength increases and my arms are ready for the activity. While I continue my cancer procedures, I have a few more fine weather months to enjoy the 49 acres of heaven.
My Studio sign in Growth

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