Saturday, 6 September 2014

Cooler Breezes Blow Softly

Cooler Breezes Blow Softly

High Hay
Spending many warm and hot days on the deck during convalescence this summer, had given me a new appreciation for the area in which I live. Gentle walks along the roadside while I build strength, marked by the distance I increased, gave me time to meet and talk with the neighbours as they gave their wishes for my recovery. It is indeed a good place in which we settled. Unable to assist my spouse in chores, i watched him take on more for my health’s sake. A great companion and caretaker he became or always was, and just needed a situation to show his strength and fortitude.

We didn’t make the mark in many chore areas what with travel and a lone worker. Not all the flowers survived in the beds as the weeds took over; despite his constant attempts to chase them as they grew. The hay could’t be caught and is very high in some areas and along the driveway. some of them are creeping into the drive narrowing it slightly. It’s amazing how nature tries to reclaim more land that we thought was our domain. The garden is finally coming after a slow start and some bug infestation. We are reaping the harvest now. 

Inside the house, it  still needs walls in the basement and shelving upstairs. But maybe the winter will see some work there. I am already coming back to help my husband with common chores so he will be able in the near future to concentrate on the chores that best suit him. Sharing will give relief to both of us. We plan on the next year to fix the things we couldn’t this season because of my health problems. The driveway will be renewed by our neighbour, the hay will be captured early on so the land will appear more groomed and I will be able to travel around the acreage and enter the woods once more. New soil brought in to rebuild the flower beds and more time to trim and weed will make a difference the next summer. I’m looking forward to all that next year with new ambition. 

Plein air Painting
But a trip to my oncologist has altered the chore plans for the time being. I am now in chemotherapy, and my spouse has been called on to care take some more. I have almost 3 months of chemo to take on and if this first session is an indication, I do believe that I will handle this new fight. The worst of it so far has been the chemo fog, the weakness and floating head. It is difficult to find the energy to do things and often I will lay down for part of the day. But all in all, not feeling too badly. Hoping as I come back up between sessions, that I can get some art work done. Meanwhile I’m trying to get in our walks when I feel up to it. There is different air I felt today, as the breezes blew through the trees. Actually in the woods the trees were quite loud while the road breezes were softer. All down the lane crickets were singing loudly. I almost expected a swarm to fly out of the hay. I enjoy getting out of the house and taking these slow walks now.Looks like I will be enjoying the autumn changes close to hand for the next few months. Autumn is my favourite time with the colours and the cool air.

For now I am looking forward to autumn walks, trying some photography on the walks, and enjoying the cooler breezes already creeping in this week. Christmas offers new hope and a new enthusiasm, already with plans in the making. News of my son returning home for Christmas will be the highlight, but any Christmas this year will be very special to me.

Roadside Panning Photography Project

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