Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Blessings of Good Weather

Though I haven’t been able to get about much this second session of chemo, it has been more pleasant in that it has given me more of the better days I was hoping for. With that, the weather also cooperated by providing a sunny warm autumn with cool light breezes. The colours have remained longer and the air so fresh, that each day that I did have strength to walk, I tried to get out as often as possible.

Away for the Season
With my previous idea of a photography show in mind, I finally found the correct settings and light to get the effect for the pictures that I had been practicing with several outings previous. I succeeded in getting a good motion blur and a handle of moving the camera, so that I was getting the pictures of things I found on the roadside during my walks. As I couldn’t really attempt long photo shoots and the woods, this has become my focus for now.

My Spouse in a Puddle
Meanwhile I am supervising the regular fall cleanup preparation for the coming cold months. Most of the actual work is done by my husband, who has been taking great care of me during my chemotherapy. We gathered all the figurines in the garden and washed them for storage. We dumped some flower pots as well and put them away. He continued the cleanup with repairs of gravel on the driveway ruts and will soon put the chains on the tractor and get out the blades. The first snowfall last year was the beginning of November. I will still be in chemo throughout November so hopefully a milder start can see me outdoors again for a few of those days.

We lost most of the summer this year but I have big plans for next year. I will be putting in my order at Vesey Seeds in the early Spring or sooner for more bulbs, seeds, two more apple trees, as well as visiting the local garden centres to fill my flower pots again. This year I plan to purchase the cloth to suppress the weeds around each bed. There will be an order of good soil and manure for such beds as I wish to build them in a higher mound. I intend to make up for the dismal display of our gardens in the next year as well as get the farmer in for more haying in the lower fields which require a larger tractor than ours to stay afloat in the wet areas. The biggest thrill will be that I will be able to participate in this venture once again.
Gravel for the Driveway
Our house in Autumn

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