Monday, 5 January 2015

This Isn't Winter

Slow Winter for Snow Lovers

It was a long summer for me and I spent it here on the acreage while I recuperated from cancer treatment. The few days I did manage a walk out on the road, I thoroughly enjoyed the slow pace of my life and the time it takes to just watch the land. I enjoyed our deer regularly visiting and the hawk hunting low over the fields, a few times near the front window. Alas, it was all a flash and too fast to get my camera. There were not too many other visitors that I saw in the day time, but I enjoyed the change of colours this autumn.

Now that I am on my way to health and strength again, I go out for the walks often. The weather is holding up well for my outings except for some rain We had a few storms that we blamed on the washouts on the drive. Then one day our neighbour came up to ask if we’d like him to remove the beavers. We had beavers and were not aware. Once he pointed out the lodge and lake growing in the distant field, we could see where our problems originated. With sadness we agreed something had to be done as the spring melt, once the snow came, would be a costly problem, not only for us. So far, two beaver have been removed and the other or others are putting up a fight. He says that they have become trap smart and were the same beavers moved from up the road. Although we like to live with those that were here first, living in the country can bring hard truths. It is to be hoped that it will end soon.
My first Drive

Meanwhile the grass still has some green to it, the hay lays low and yellow, and there is little to no white flakes as December folds into January. It has become colder this week, so maybe the snow is just ahead of us now. It would certainly brighten up the landscape and change it from the grays. The light though is great for photographs. There is an old barn just down the road that I have longed to photograph and looking at it this year, I best get out to it. The red paint is even more faded, the top hay door is now open to the weather and it seems to sag more too. The lighter winter may save it for another year yet, but I will take the shots soon while I await the snow.
Beavers overflowing brook

My first winter walk during chemo

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